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1983.03.05   DaeShin trading house was established
1995.01.21   Korea Trading business registration
1995.03.07   DaeShin trading CO.,LTD was established
1995.03.07   The factory was established
1985.05.01   Machine governor test machine development
1986.06.05   B type gauge development
1986.08.26   Electrolysis analyzing machine development
1988.08.23   wrench open(for railroads) development
1988.10.20   Wheel digital gauge development
1989.03.20   C type tire gauge development
1989.04.06   stepped pulley testing machine development
1990.03.12   oil recycling equipment development
1990.07.31   The development of the support for a rail cutting machine
(Railroad chapter-2230,7041)
1991.11.07   Fan puller development
1991.12.26   The development of sideways moving jack
(for maintenance and machinery)
1992.08.16   The development of 3-gradation filter for pure water (for tracks)
1994.02.23   The development of a bearing heater
1994.03.23   The development of testing machine circuit(DCD-300)
1995.05.04   The development of a jet washer(Part cleaning machine)
1995.12.07   The development of a pulling up machine(for a wheel shaft)
2000.09.28   The patent of a fan puller
2001.08.08   The patent (10-2001-0027635) and the patent of utility model (20-2001-0024031) of the switch point heating system.