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The representative director's compliment.

The present railroad has brilliantly developed from a steam locomotive in the 19th century to rapid transit railway these days.

The Korean railroad industry has been playing an important role in the economic and industrial development since starting the Seoul-Incheon line.

Technicians' spirit of sacrifice and passion for the railroad in the general railroad industry should be set a high value on in this brilliant development.

We think that the important ones of brilliant development elements in the railroad industry are railroad vehicles, signal control device and technology development for tracks.

Not only the technology distribution and the education by people engaged in the railroad industry but also the correct choice of machinery prevents accidents related to security and shortens the construction period and it brings the work efficiency.

Daeshin T&S CO.,LTD. Was established in March,1983 and based on selling and manufacture technology, We specialize in sale, direct import and manufacture of equipment for maintenance of tracks as well as machines for railroads.

We are self confident that we have never received any complaint supplying our products for the vehicle headquarter, the construction headquarter, the equipment head quarter and the Administration for the past twenty years electric quarter of the Korean Railroad.

Recently, we make efforts to localize the kind of products which are in abundance.

We have such a good technology that some products which bear comparison with imported goods are developed.

We promise that we do our best with coworkers studying for the national railroad development.

Thank you.